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Winter warmers at River View Pateley

One of the best things about self-catering accommodation in Pateley Bridge is the wealth of fresh produce on offer. Grocery shops, bakers, butchers and a small supermarket grace this small market town in Nidderdale, all offering outstanding fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and other staples. There are vegetarian and vegan options in the village too. We all know that food tastes better after a walk outside, and with fully fitted kitchens, our holiday cottages have everything you need to set yourselves up for a feast.

Tray baked pizzas, home-made juicy burgers, pies and crumbles... you can find everything you need in Pateley Bridge to make your favourite recipes. Our favourites this winter are slow cooked stews and cottage pies, which can be left to cook while you take a stroll outside. There is nothing better than the smell of home-cooked meals as you open the door. Long-walks and healthy meals are the perfect follow up to the celebration of Christmas and New Year - healthy for mind, body and soul without feeling as though you are punishing yourself. With frozen fruit, cream and dark chocolate available in the village, you can treat yourself to a healthy version of ice-cream to follow the meal.

For more indulgent moments, we love hot-chocolate covered in whipped cream, flavoured with caramel or hazelnut syrup, or flavoured coffees made in the cafetiere.

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