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Vouchers and Discounts 

We have a exiting new feature here at Riverview; we are now offering vouchers and discounts on local activities in the area! When you book with us you can choose from the following down below! We have a range of activities to offer from family orientated to couples to solo! 



Caving is a very popular activity here, its a fun family outing for everyone or can be enjoyed with your loved one or even solo as the guides are always so friendly! There are two local caves you can visit; How Stean Gorge and Stump Cross Caverns. The links will show you each of the pages and you can make your choice!

Image by Joakim Honkasalo

Llama Trekking 

Yes you read that right! The Nidderdale Llamas are extremely popular for all age groups and a bit different and a bit quirkier then your average activity! Everyone around here loves the llamas and they are a real treat! My daughter went to a friends birthday party a few years back with the llamas and it was a fantastic experience for the children they all loved it! 

Japanese Garden
Botanical garden

RHS Gardens Harlow Carr  

If you are one for scenic walks then this is the activity for you! Definitely  a locals favorite RHS Gardens is absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy a beautiful walk round with a spot of tea and a snack after at the on site Betty's cafe! 

Ruins of Cistercian Abbey

Fountains Abbey 

Keen on your history? Fountains Abbey is our local historical gem complete with tours, a water garden and different trails to follow round the area! Its perfect for a family day out  as it is exiting for all ages packed to the brim with different buildings to search through and even a dress up section! 

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