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A Teen's Eye View of Scarhouse

Earlier this week I got the chance to go on a walk up to Scarhouse Reservoir with my friend. I was struck by what a completely different experience of the area compared to 4 years ago. Back then, fresh to High School, I was complaining about being dragged around by my dad. His walks were torture and seemed to go on forever. One of the times we went up there, my sister and I both fell over separately and got covered in mud. Catching up with my dad and other sister later on, we found out she too had fallen. The three of us had to finish the walk with sodden bottoms and filthy trousers.

Another time, my dog chased a sheep into the water at the very end of the walk. My sisters and I had to stand next to the rocks, watch my dad strip and swim after the sheep. (My dog, having given up trying to be the sheep’s friend at this point, was simply observing the mess she had caused, blissfully). At the time I was so, so worried about the sheep that it was difficult to enjoy the experience. Looking back with older eyes, I realise the animal was fine in the end. In fact, looking back it's quite an amusing memory if I am honest.

This time, making the decision to do the walk it off my own back, I had a really good time and ended up enjoying myself, which I didn’t expect to happen considering my last encounters with the area. We discovered something I have never seen before: an amazing little waterfall with a rope swing. If it is still there, it is hidden on the way up, just below the reservoir. Finding it would mean you could do two trips in one.

One thing that has stayed consistent throughout all my trips to Scarhouse is the breath-taking view. Wide-open skies and different colours to the landscape every time you visit, let me tell you it never gets old, whatever your stage of life!

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