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Our Story

Restoring the magic

We swapped the palm trees of city state Singapore for the wide open spaces of Pateley Bridge in 2015. Like most visitors, we fell in love with the views first. Appreciating everything else followed quickly afterwards..

After 13 years without seasons, the low, stark light of winter sunshine, the golds of autumn, fresh flowers in spring and long summer evenings are  a joy. As is welcoming the lovely couples and small families lodging at River View.

My ambition for River View is to help build on the magic that has been here for generations and manage the land in the traditional Dales way. The traditional hay meadow with native wildflowers, added hedgerows and apple orchard all help preserve the heritage of the area. And at the same time enable insects and birdlife to live happily with the sheep, chickens and cows.

Astrid Rogers       

Rainbows are a theme in the hills above River View Pateley holiday cottages. This one is from Top Wath Road, in the outskirs of Pateley Bridge. Areal views of the cottages are glimpsed on the walk.
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