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Eerie-ish days at Mother Shipton's Cave

The Labyrinth had come to Knaresborough the day we went to visit. The pathway down towards Mother Shipton's magic waters was populated by a shy Gruffalo type creature, a knight and the Goblin King by the bog of eternal stench. Needless to say,, kids loved it.

There is an educational aspect to a visit to the Cave. Recorded voices will tell you the story of Mother Shipton's life. They will also tell you how the objects under the water flow turn to stone in time. But this is learning largely by osmosis. And fun is a big part of the day.

All the children and even their mother had fun racing round the adventure playgroup. One of us turned into a fox under the expert sponge of a local face painter. And we all fell in love with the birds of prey that we could hold for a few minutes on the end of our arm.

The lady on reception presented us with a quiz when we arrived. It had puzzles and things to look for around the walk through the woods and along the water. Truth to say, though, we were a bit distracted by everything else on the first visit, but there is always next time.

The leaflet we left with tells us there are all sorts of activities throughout the year. Pirates and mermaids are up next,, presumably with their own quiz sheet and characters. In October there is a spooky Halloween walk. Not too spooky though, Madame may have been a witch, but she was a Mother too!

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