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The Treasures of Fishpond Wood

Bluebells at Fishpond Wood near River View Pateley

The General and I dipped into Fishpond Wood this week after dropping the children off at school. A walk in here is always a treat for both of us, with the sound of birdsong and wind in the branches. The carpet of bluebells at this time of year is an extra special treat.

There has been a sustained battle between Man and Rhododendrun for a few years now. The latter seems to have given up the ghost and we are rewarded by more wildlife sightings.

Increased space between the native trees means you see every one of the many rabbits running wild around the tree trunks. There is also room to admire the pheasants taking their ease amongst the fallen leaves and even the odd dear ambling up through the woodland.

We were just watching two small rabbits jump into the hollow of a tree when we spotted this one climbing slowly towards the ridge. A slight limp on one of her hind legs was slowing her down but she was otherwise unconcerned.

It was one of those sights that you enjoy first and think about later (which is our excuse note for such an unclear photograph). But we came, we saw, we collected evidence. Now we invite you to do the same.


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