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Expectant no longer!

​Remember those Dartmoor ewes looking heavy and tired on our side field earlier this year? Today the first three came back with the fruits of their labour: two singles and one set of twins. Just three days old, it was the first time these lambs had ever been outside.

They all wore a bright red number in honour of the occasion. Pictured above is the second ewe to give birth this year with her two hungry and energetic lambs.

At the moment, they are just getting used to the place and are bunched together up near the top gate. Steve says they will spread out in time as they get more confident. They are only with us for a few weeks until they go up to higher ground at either Middlesmoor or Greenhow.

It's lovely have them. We are really looking forward to seeing what they make of their temporary home... and what they make of the pair of ducks that have taken up residence on the new pond!

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