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Hello hedgerow!

Hedgerow ready for planting at River View Pateley

If you have ever wondered what 96 meters of unplanted hedgerow looks like, now is your chance to find out. 22 Elders, 10 Honeysuckle, 10 Crabapples and numerous Blackthorn and Hawthorn lined up against the barn this month ready make edible wildlife homes.

It's all part of the plan to increase the numbers of birds and insects at River View Pateley. It has the added benefit of providing raw materials for jam, jelly, cordial, wine and perhaps even gin (though I doubt we'll be brave enough for that last one).

Roughly six plants a meter need planting, stacking and the addition of plastic sheaths to protect against rabbits and sheep. As you can see, the General looks on approvingly. Let's just hope she doesn't pinch any of the canes.

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