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Fishing for birds

We accidentally feed grouse and pheasants every time we put grass seed out on the lawn. (By my calculations, there is an attrition rate of about 50%) However, we thought we would try tempt some daintier species of wild bird at our little Dales holiday cottage.

Wagtails bounce between the grasses on the meadow, and a variety of finches feed on the caravan sites at Heathfield and Westfield. Visitors come home with tales of kites, kingfishers, and cuckoo by the river and on the hills. However, with the grass on the side field now being cut and baled, most of the birds we see at this time of year are turns and crows.

A nice couple who came to stay in early June recommended we use sunflower kernals and nyger seeds to attract something more interesting. Here's hoping it works - we'll keep you posted.

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