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Time out to be together

February at River View Pateley holiday cottages is a time for long walks in the hills and gentle strolls along the river. The weather can make ice sculptures of the landscape - frozen streams and snow banks against the stone walls. Walking through this can make you feel like the last people left in the world or explorers in the last outpost. It makes a beautiful contrast with the warm cafes and the cosy warm of your self-catering accommodation in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

The sauna is popular with couples in February. Guests staying at Hill View treat themselves to infared relaxation for the muscles after enjoying the local countryside. Some might enjoy a drink in the breakfast bar afterwards, looking at the stunning view across the valley from the comfort of a modern, marble kitchen. Guests at River View enjoy a more traditional experience, sharing an intimate breakfast in the cottage kitchen or curled up in front of the fire with a good book. They too have the chance to enjoy the scenery from the inside, each window a framed picture of the countryside. Whatever the weather, it is a time to enjoy time together in the county of Wuthering Heights.

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