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Summer fun

We have had lots of families visiting us this holidays and it has reminded us just how much there is to do in the area.

Hopping around on the outlandish natural sculptures of Brimham Rocks is always a lovely few hours, and one of our families came especially to do that.

Mother Shipton’s cave offers seasonal themed activities with actors adding an extra dimension to the fun during the school holidays.

Another family had an adventure amongst the surprises and delights of The Forbidden Corner, an easy day trip from the cottage.

We stopped off at Birchfield Farm to explore the Maize Maze, pick sunflowers and pet the baby farm animals. (No one offered to sell us a naughty Billy Goat this time around but escaping piglets seem to be a recurring feature.)

Half a day at Stump Cross Caverns is always a bit hit, even when you know the answers behind the fairy doors. Lots of guests have enjoyed the glow in the dark experience with phosphorescent rocks too.

Then there are those who appreciate everything on the doorstep - the Pancake House, sweetshop and play park to name a few. It’s a real pleasure watching visitors enjoy these as well as the walks and the bike rides. It reminds us how lucky we are to live here.

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