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Mental wealth and replenished resources

Scar House Reservoir is fifteen minutes from River View Pateley.
Scar House Reservoir

New Year resolutions have got us recognising the wealth of exercise opportunities at River View Pateley holiday cottage. We all know that getting outside is good for our bodies as well as our minds. Spending time in nature can combat stress, improve mood, and boost creativity. If you're feeling a little down, exercise can be a great way to improve your mood. And if you're experiencing depression or another mental health issue, then exercising regularly may be the most effective way for you to feel better.

We have been out this week, releasing endorphins and stocking up on dopamine after the excesses of the festive period. Dopamine improves motivation and contributes to feelings of well-being, apparently, which is why you are seeing more updates from us recently. It's also helping us get better sleep at night, which is apparently a side effect of the increased release of serotonin.

Top walk this week was up at Scarhouse Reservoir, which has now recovered so much from the drought of summer that a fast flowing waterfall pours through the viaduct. It's hard to believe just a few months ago people could visit the sunken village at the bottom of the water. Now the bruised winter skies and bracing winds accompany a walk around a full water basin. Other strolls have taken us up to Top Wath Road, where you can see that the river Nidd is recovering some of it's power through the valley.

The scenery is stunning and a walk lifts your spirits and chases the worry away. However, getting back to cosy heating and a steaming cup of tea is very welcome when we've finished. Food and drink tastes better with starter of fresh air, which is another physical and mental benefit of a winter walk.

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