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Autumn fading into winter at River View

Summer is gone and we are getting frost in the air already. Even the berries are falling now as we begin to remember the snow and ice of last winter. Early morning dog walks mean crisp grass underfoot, and the General runs around like she is a puppy again and that every touch of ice is a game. By afternoon, the air has warmed, and the rich autumn feels balmy by comparison.

Our General will have to give up her fun this Saturday as we celebrate a late bonfire night. The neighbourhood has been piling up garden waste for months now, and the bailer has been moved in safe distance from the flames. All that remains is to cut down the nettles, break out the sausages and give the dog a long jog in the morning so she sleeps through it. With all the reds and oranges of daytime, she will have her own version of the flames.

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