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When Harley met the Rose Queen

Bright reds and burned oranges chased each other over polished chrome. But the owners were distracted by the soft petal hues of the Rose Queen and her attendants the other Saturday.

Pateley Bridge, came out to support and applaud members of the local primary school and their families in a parade to celebrate summer. A group of colourful under 11's gathered in beach wear and farming outfits. A couple rode a plastic pedal tractor and others rode a rather large canoe.

"What's going on?" asked one leather clad biker nodding at the children.

We tried a few words of explanation but the Reverend did it better. He roared out one joyous thanks for the sunny weather and one hope for fun at the fete. We all shouted a quick Amen before the Father next to him got to clanging the bell.

And so we all walked up the High Street, in the company of the Lord Mayor. The sounds were loud ringing and the clapping hands of local faces and some rather confused tourists.

There is something ancient this summer celebration. One Rose Queen surrounded by a group of attendants, ringing bells and a bright parade. The ceremony feels as old as the hills., but there is one thing that is timeless.: the smile it brings to everyone's faces.

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