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Hot histories

Toft Gate Lime Kiln Chimney, just 6 minutes from River View Pateley

No, we don't mean "hawt" like the social media term for attractive, we mean the type of heat that reminds you of the underworld.

Toft Gate Lime Kiln, just next to the outdoor sculpture installation Coldstones Cut, is a fairly benign place these days. The grass has grown over the long flue, and soil is beginning to insinuate itself into the kiln itself, just a short walk away. Tasteful placards, however, give you an insight into the area's past.

Back in the 1800's, the kiln was used to produce lime that fed the great construction projects in the towns and cities. The adults and children who worked it would have had a hard life splitting rocks, feeding fires and going into the furnace to retrieve the lime.

The fires might have been a small blessing in winter; there are tales of walkers stopping to warm themselves at the side of the kiln. But the work was hellish, hazardous and hard.

Stop by after a visit to Coldstones Cut and quarry and/ or before a meal at Toft Gate Barn to count your blessings you were born in this century.

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